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Issue Preview…

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Willis Island – The Coral Sea By Omar Abu-sitta

Layout 1 It’s November 25th 2014 and we are back on the MV Phoneix with the Blue Water Hunting International crew lead by Australian spearfishing champion Rob Torelli. This is our third trip for myself and my close friend Abdullah, without him this trip would not be possible. Abdullah’s brother Yousef could not make it this time so his younger cousin Saif AKA Juice AKA Hercules joined us instead! It was his first time on the trip and we were all very excited. The destination for this year was the outer Coral Sea at a remote place known as the Willis Islands. It was meant to be a promising location and it did not disappoint! If you want to come here, you’d better bring a best infrared thermometer for baby and adults, I don’t sure if you will get ill here.

Easter in Tonga By Sam Cox

Layout 1 I recently had the chance to dive the amazing Kingdom of Tonga with Rob Torelli and his crew on the Blue Water Explorer. I missed the first day where the guys managed to land some really nice fish only a short run from the main harbour. The pick of the catch being a 35kg Dogtooth tuna, this was Sebastian’s first Dogtooth Tuna he had ever seen and he managed to land it. That fish served us well providing delicious sashimi for a number of days.

GUNZ by Craig McPhilimey

Layout 1 Ever wished you could sit down with world-class divers and pick their brains about the best guns to use for that trip over seas, or just diving in your local spots? Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of spearguns that are available on the market and wish you knew what the best hunters in the world use?

Pilot Whale Rescue by Mark Fogerty

Layout 1 As an Ex-Commercial Diver originally trained by Whakatane local District identity & mentor Val Baker. Who was formerly a Navy Diver. I have salvaged yachts, ski boats, anchors, ground tackle and various pieces of equipment over time including various animals from creeks, rivers and dams. These days I just dive or free-dive for pleasure. Sharing the odd tale to educate and inspire folks to get off the couch and experience nature’s bounty while it’s still available to ordinary folks.

Double Page Poster.

Layout 1 Our poster for this issue features Rachel Vercoe from Coffs Harbour, NSW. The photo shows Rachel with a nice sized spanish mackerel speared off North West Island in the Capricorn Group off-shore from Gladstone. The image was captured by Rachel’s father Brett Vercoe on a family holiday camping on North West Island.